About Us


Delicatessen - The word itself comes from the German or the French and means DELIcious food. Although we have been inspired by generations before us, we think we have perfected the art of preparing the finest quality of meats and serving them on a sandwich for our customers to enjoy.

The Truck

You think it is easy trying to find a truck that has all the equipment to run a premium Deli on wheels? Not a chance! We searched all over the USA and found an add for this truck in CALIFORNIA. I have to tell you, while the interior had it all, the grainy photo kinda made it look like something you would see Herman Munster drive to work in (remember him?)

The Concept

This is Neil. Neil was trying hard to make us understand his vision for a concept. He spent hours trying trying to make a picture - kind of like the Cave Men did a billion year ago before there were words.

The Drawing

Sometimes words are better off not spoken...


Don't think you are a fast enough runner to catch our food truck? No problem, give us a call and we will cater your party.

  • We will go Anywhere at Anytime & Serve Anything
  • The menu is totally customizable
  • We specialize in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs – Sporting Events – Outdoor Parties – Office Catering



phone: 856-428-7878


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